Project Description

Singletrack and Switchback Training Camp

Ride tight corners with a smile

Staying in the flow due to the right technique. 

Switchbacks are to be found anywhere in the mountains and can break the flow easily without the right technique. These turns are located on rough and steep terrain in the mountains. The right technique to bike them is just vital. During the three camp days you’ll acquire the necessary technique to bike switchbacks and perform stoppies. Exercises on easy terrain are part of the programme, as well as ‘hands-on’ (bikes-on) in the surrounding mountains. We will also work on your performance in steep trail sections, little drops and teach you the bunny hop.

Target group

You are an advanced biker already but your aim is to expand your skill set. If you are capable of balancing the bike at a standstill for several seconds and you enjoy catchier parts (up to level S3) this camp might be the right place for you. Balance is key for the switchback training camp. We further recommend to attend our course for advanced riders beforehand.


  • Well-maintained All-mountain or Enduro bike with 140 mm spring deflection and platform pedals (no click-in pedals)
  • Helmet, goggles, gloves, protectors
  • Backpack: including spare tube (size, valve), wind and/or rain jacket, muesli bar, drinks, lights (eg. for ride home), mobile phone, some cash, sun protection


  • Balance on flat terrain

  • Jumps from a standing position

  • Lifting the rear wheel in different ways

  • Extreme position on front wheel

  • Moving around front and rear wheel

  • Controlled braking in rough and steep terrain

  • Balance in very steep terrain

  • Choice of rim, tyre, and air pressure for steep terrain

  • Understanding the impact of bike geometry on switchback technique

  • Biking switchbacks on flat, steep and exposed terrain


  • Skills for trails of difficulty levels from S2 to S3; we’ll encounter landings of up to 50 cm w/ and w/o switchbacks.

  • Power and condition for 1,000 hm up

  • Your own bike


  • 2x double room with half board in nice hotel

  • 3x Bike technique training led by certified guides

  • Video analysis

additional dates on request – Contact

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