Project Description

Sintra Nationalpark – Mountainbiking in Portugal

Mountainbiking in Lisbon and surroundings

Early start into the season along the coastal area in Sintra National Park

The Atlantic coast in Portugal – infinite sandy beaches and perfect waves: a surfer’s paradise. BUT also a rider’s and even more than that. Biking is possible (almost) all year round. While there is still snow on the Alpine mountains the single trails in Sintra National Park are already well bikeable. The season is on – always.

The numerous trails in the national park leave nothing to be desired. Either along the coastal area or close to Lisbon. Either flowy or technically challenging in the rock gardens. Anything works. In Lisbon, more precisely, in Monsanto ‘the green lung of Lisbon’, one can easily enjoy themselves an entire day without riding one trail twice. Kudos to the locals who built the trails! Roughly 4 decades ago they laid out the now traffic-free city park. Today you’ll find quite a few hikers, trail runners and mountain bikers on the many trails and paths, either constructed or natural.

Bloody amazing!

Thinking of Portugal and biking, most likely the famous freeride destination Madeira will come to your mind. Just a few know the gem on the mainland. But exactly there you’ll find fantastic, diversified, and well maintained trails. Due to the vicinity to Lisbon it’s easily accessible and creates the option of combining sports and culture in one single trip. Popular trails such as the ‘Donkey Trail’ in Sintra National Park will be discovered and a nightride through Lisbon is part of the programme, too. Riding while sightseeing including Enduro-groove, linking culture and sports together. In these moments life must really suck, right?

Target Group

In this trip we combine Enduro trails with urban trails in Portugal. It offers a great variety of different trails: flowy parts, jumps, technically challenging passages blend into each other. Partly, we are supported by shuttle service. Still, you should be fit and ready to bike for quite a bit.

Technically speaking, we aim at participants who have acquired a skillset around S2. There might be easier parts but also trickier ones. Of course, we also optimise the cultural programme. Those of you who’ve never been to Lisbon before will be amazed by the charming old town. It’s worth spending a couple of hours there. Our bike guides are happy to show you some hidden spots. We combine sports and culture – a thing barely possible in other cities and towns. After the nightride and the descent from the São Jorge castle in Lisbon we’ll visit a traditional place for Fado. It’s time to get enchanted by wonderful food and music.

In case you’d like to improve your skills we are always happy to assist and coach. The trips and our tour management offer plenty of white space to incorporate special training and exercise as needed.


  • Fun on single trail up to level of difficulty S2, partly S3

  • Power and condition for 1,000 hm up and up to 2,000 hm down daily

  • Temperature around this time of the year is quite mild in Portugal. Be aware of the Atlantic breeze, though. Always bring some warm clothes with you in your backpack. In the Sintra National Park we’ll find quite low temperature and are therefore perfect for the start into the new bike season.


  • 7x double or triple room with breakfast in Pura Vida Atlantic Lodge in Cabo da Roca

  • Shuttle service

  • Transfer to/from the airport

  • 6 guided days by our certified bike guides

Not included

  • Individual travel to/from the destination (We are happy to assist with your booking.)

  • Dinners and drinks in the evenings

  • Tickets for sightseeing (if desired)


  • Well-maintained All-mountain or Enduro bike with 140 mm spring deflection and platform pedals (no clip-in pedals)
  • Helmet, sunglasses, gloves, protector
  • Spare parts (brake pads, tubes, repair kit) and tools
  • Knee protectors and other protectors you normally use

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