Project Description


Riding safely up and down – no prob on an e-bike

Why attending a training on how to learn to ride an e-bike? You’ve bought an e-bike and you’d like to learn how to have fun on it? You’d like to ride safely without fearing descents? You’ve been mountainbiking for some time but now switching to e-bike which opens new possibilities to you? You want to exploit its full potential? Furthermore, you’d like to include one or two trails, too? Yes, this is the training to go for. You’ll learn how to control your bike in order to have even more fun riding scenic and wonderful mountain paths and trails. This training is the perfect foundation for easy to moderate day trips or even Transalps.


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  • Bike Setup – Position and Adjustments

  • small repair workshop

  • Grundposition und Blickführung

  • Getting on and off the bike in steep terrain

  • Secure braking technique

  • Solid shifting technique

  • Cornering

  • Lifting of the front wheel over low obstacles


  • Mountainbike beginner level – S0 to S1

  • Condition for approx. 200 hm up is sufficient

  • e-bike, helmet, gloves, flat pedals recommended

additional dates on request – Contact