Private Guiding

Your Mountain Guide

Are you looking for a mountain guide who will realise your ‘mountain dream’ together with you? Be it a peak, rock climbing, a special mountain experience. Here we are. You’d like to learn more about safeguarding techniques, knots and alpine risks? You’d like to improve your technique on rock or ice? Don’t hesitate to get in touch with us. From beginner’s level up to very demanding high alpine tours, we offer it all. Furthermore, we are also happy to coach you over a longer period of time to help you achieve your goals. We set the basis and assist you to become capable of confidently planning and overseeing your trips in the future.

Of course, there are many advantages of having a private guide which shouldn’t be neglected. First, we can meet your very individual and specific needs and wishes. Second, the tour will be streamlined and optimised according to your skills. The service ranges from a relaxed day on the mountains, which focuses on nature experience, to demanding and hard climbing on rock and/or ice. Personal support considerably boosts the progress, the success and overall satisfaction in the mountains. Your mountain guide can adjust the trip to your fitness level and modify the pace at any given moment. Therefore, we’ll be able to make the most out of the day and also plan future trips, nature experiences or adventures together. As a souvenir, you’ll get some high-quality shots from us. Promised that you’ll be on the pics, too.

Private Fee

from € 385.- 1 Person per Day +€ 35.- for each further person.

Expenses for tours w/ accommodation need to be covered by clients

Special rate for difficult individual tours


  • Glacier Tours

  • Alpine Climbing

  • Ice Climbing

  • Training on various topics

  • Sport Climbing

  • Technical Training

  • Trekking Tours